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Young Models Tahnee Atkinson Stars in Alex Perry Online Fashions Show

Designer Alex Perry capped off the Sydney Fashion Festival with Tahnee Atkinson, the winner of television reality series Australia’s Next Top Model, strutting her stuff.

Tahnee  Atkinson

And the show had its share of drama with one girl losing her shoe, and a sparkling mini-dress modelled by Atkinson splitting opinion over whether it was too small.

Perry’s fellow Australia’s Next Top young models judge Charlotte Dawson, who watched from the front row, said Atkinson looked "beautiful" but thought the mini-dress could have been longer.

"I think the skirt was probably a little bit short but Alex just doesn’t know, when you say `Alex it’s too tight or too short’, he doesn’t listen," Dawson told AAP.

Models walked the online fashion catwalk wearing a range of designs from super short, figure hugging black cocktail dresses, to sparkling designs and long flowing gowns. Some models struggled on sky high nude platform heels, with one girl falling out of a shoe.

Tahnee  Atkinson

But Perry praised the way she handled it. "Her recovery was fantastic and got a round of applause - you can’t get much better than that," Perry told AAP.

Dawson gave the online fashion show the thumbs up. "It was incredible, but unfortunately I don’t fit those pieces. He only designs for skinny bitches and I’m a little bit old and fat now," Dawson laughed.

Perry said he wanted to showcase a broad range of designs at the event, sponsored by Rosemount wines, held in a marquee in Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD. "It was about everything from really great little sexy black cocktail dresses for young models girls right through to the things that are red carpet worthy," he said.

"Just a little bit toned down this year because of the economic climate, but I can’t completely fade out, so they were softer dresses and things that were in blacks and whites, which are like investment pieces." Author and model Tara Moss was another front row guest.

The Sydney Fashion Festival, in its second year, has seen more than 15 official events over six days with designers including Wayne Cooper and Jayson Brunsdon. The event is aimed at consumers, with the public able to buy tickets.

Perry said he believed the Sydney event was "more exciting" than the Melbourne equivalent, which is now in its 12th year. "It’s a bit more spontaneous, not quite so contrived," Perry said.

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